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With IXL, your children will learn at their own pace—IXL's adaptive questions automatically adjust to just the right level of difficulty. A wide variety of question types keeps practice sessions fresh and enables all types of learners to reach their full potential.

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IXL offers a delightful experience, full of vibrant visuals, interactive questions, and exciting prizes. Learning becomes an adventure where students build the confidence to explore new concepts and rise to any challenge.

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Find out what your child knows and next steps for growth with IXL's Real-Time Diagnostic
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Build a strong foundation of knowledge with unlimited practice in over 8,500 topics
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Discover personalized skill recommendations based on your child's practice
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Take learning on the go with IXL's mobile apps
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Earn fun awards and certificates that celebrate hard work
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Bite-sized videos covering strategies for tackling IXL math skills

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What parents and students are saying

Our kids love using IXL because they are exposed to several different subjects, can develop at their own pace, and the continuously updated scores let them know how well they are progressing with a given subject. We rely heavily on IXL to be our go-to educational source for our kids.
Tom K.
parent and homeschooler, Denver, CO
I love the layout, and that students are encouraged to think and not guess. I like that IXL shows them what they should have answered with quick, to-the-point explanations. GREAT PROGRAM!
Alma H.
parent, Los Angeles, CA
I like how there are no gimmicks or distractions. It helps me to learn and get less impatient when it's straightforward. IXL has made things easier to understand.
Kaysie S.
student, Sarasota, FL
I used to be that quiet kid who sat in the back of the classroom not saying anything, but after a few months of IXL, I brought my math grade up from a C to an A, and I noticed that I also raise my hand more and I'm not afraid to solve problems in front of the class. Not only has IXL improved my math grade, but they also helped with my self-esteem. Thanks so much, IXL!
student, NJ
We were looking for an interactive and colorful software that my son Tyenn could use to encourage his love of math. He's able to revisit concepts he has already learned, as well as items of increasing difficulty. Thank you for a program that both challenges and encourages him!
Fleurztael Duckworth
parent of IXL Rockstar TyennWilsonNC
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