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Skills available for Arkansas Spanish standards

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CMC Communication

CLT Culture

CNN Connections

CMP Comparisons

CMN Communities

  • CMN.9 Students will examine ways to use the target language personally and professionally.

    • CMN.9.MLI.1 Recognize the use of the target language in the community (e.g., place names, cuisine, products)

    • CMN.9.MLI.2 Identify ways to use the target language in the community (e.g., perform songs and skits, present arts and crafts)

    • CMN.9.MLI.3 Identify global competency skills and relate them to possible career pathways

    • CMN.9.MLI.4 Identify authentic activities of the target culture(s) (e.g., sports, games, cooking, music, media)

    • CMN.9.MLI.5 Explain the advantages of foreign language proficiency in college and/or career (e.g., occupation, education, travel)

    • CMN.9.MLI.6 Identify ways to communicate and/or collaborate with speakers of the target language (e.g., pen pals, e-pals, audio recordings, video recordings)

    • CMN.9.MLI.7 Research globally influential individuals or groups from the target culture(s) (e.g., actors, musicians, artists, politicians, athletes)