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Skills available for Connecticut eighth-grade social studies standards

Standards are in black and IXL social studies skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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  • Civic and Political Institutions

  • Participation and Deliberation

    • CIV 8.2 Analyze ideas and principles contained in the founding documents of the United States, and explain how they influence the social and political system.

  • Processes, Rules, and Laws

    • CIV 8.3 Analyze the purposes, implementation, and consequences of public policies in multiple settings.

    • CIV 8.4 Compare historical and contemporary means of changing societies, and promoting the common good.


  • Economic Decision-Making

    • ECO 8.1 Explain how economic decisions affect the well-being of individuals, businesses, and society.

  • Exchange and Markets

    • ECO 8.2 Describe the role of competition in the determination of prices and wages in a market economy.

    • ECO 8.3 Analyze the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in a market economy.

  • The National Economy

    • ECO 8.4 Explain how inflation, deflation, and unemployment affect different groups.

    • ECO 8.5 Explain why standards of living increase as productivity improves.

  • The Global Economy

    • ECO 8.6 Explain the benefits and the costs of trade policies to individuals, businesses, and society.


  • Geographic Representations: Spatial Views of the World

    • GEO 8.1 Construct maps to represent and explain the spatial patterns of cultural and environmental characteristics.

  • Human-Environment Interaction: Places, Regions, and Culture

    • GEO 8.2 Analyze the combinations of cultural and environmental characteristics that make places both similar to and different from other places.

  • Human Population: Spatial Patterns and Movement

    • GEO 8.3 Explain how changes in transportation and communication technology influence the spatial connections among human settlements and affect the diffusion of ideas and cultural practices.

  • Global Interconnections

    • GEO 8.4 Explain how the relationship between the environmental characteristics of places and production of goods influences the spatial patterns of world trade.