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Skills available for Florida high school math standards

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NSO Number Sense and Operations

AR Algebraic Reasoning

F Functions

FL Financial Literacy

  • MA.912.FL.1 Determine simple and compound interest and demonstrate its relationship to functions. Calculate and use net present and net future values.

    • MA.912.FL.1.2 Solve problems involving simple, compound and continuously compounded interest, including determining the present value and future value of money.

    • MA.912.FL.1.3 Explain the relationship between simple interest and linear growth.

    • MA.912.FL.1.4 Explain the relationship between compound interest and exponential growth and the relationship between continuously compounded interest and exponential growth.

DP Data Analysis and Probability

  • MA.912.DP.1 Summarize, represent and interpret categorical and numerical data with one and two variables.

  • MA.912.DP.2 Solve problems involving univariate and bivariate numerical data.

  • MA.912.DP.3 Solve problems involving categorical data.

    • MA.912.DP.3.1 Construct a two-way frequency table summarizing bivariate categorical data. Interpret joint and marginal frequencies and determine possible associations in terms of a real-world context.

    • MA.912.DP.3.2 Given marginal and conditional relative frequencies, construct a two-way relative frequency table summarizing categorical bivariate data.

    • MA.912.DP.3.3 Given a two-way relative frequency table or segmented bar graph summarizing categorical bivariate data, interpret joint, marginal and conditional relative frequencies in terms of a real-world context.