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Skills available for Idaho high school math standards

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N Number and Quantity

A-SSE Algebra

F-IF Functions

G Geometry

  • G-SRT Similarity, Right Triangles, and Trigonometry

  • G-GMD Geometric Measurement and Dimension

  • G-MG Modeling with Geometry

    • Apply geometric concepts in modeling situations

      • G-MG.1 Use geometric shapes, their measures, and their properties to describe objects (e.g., modeling a tree trunk or a human torso as a cylinder).

      • G-MG.2 Apply concepts of density based on area and volume in modeling situations (e.g., persons per square mile, BTUs per cubic foot).

      • G-MG.3 Apply geometric methods to solve design problems (e.g., designing an object or structure to satisfy physical constraints or minimize cost; working with typographic grid systems based on ratios).

S Statistics and Probability