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Skills available for Indiana Spanish standards

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  • 1.5 Learners use the target language to expand their knowledge of and make connections among multiple content areas.

    • 1.5.1 Describe basic objects and concepts from other content areas in simple terms.

    • 1.5.2 Implement content area concepts and skills through relevant activities.

  • 1.6 Learners strengthen language proficiency and cultural knowledge by using current digital media and authentic resources.

    • 1.6.1 Use digital media and culturally authentic resources to reinforce vocabulary, such as language websites and online dictionaries.

    • 1.6.2 Use digital media and culturally authentic resources to study target cultures and language, such as photographs, magazines, commercials, and websites.



  • 1.8 Learners use their knowledge of the target language and cultures both within and beyond the school setting for personal enrichment and civic engagement.

    • 1.8.1 Share experiences from the world language classroom within the school and/or community.

    • 1.8.2 Recognize the use of the target language in the learner's community or daily life.

    • 1.8.3 Experience and report on the cuisine, music, drama, literature, etc. from the target cultures.