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Skills available for Louisiana Spanish standards

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MOD.CLL.NH Connections to Language and Literacy

MOD.COD.NH Connections to Other Disciplines

  • MOD.COD.NH.1 Interact with others in informal, one-on-one, or small group conversations using culturally appropriate language and gestures.

    • MOD.COD.NH.1.1 Exchange information about topics in other disciplines using simple phrases and short sentences.

    • MOD.COD.NH.1.2 Exchange information about learned concepts related to other discipline using familiar topics in the students' native culture and target cultures.

    • MOD.COD.NH.1.3 Use readily available technology tools and digital literacy skills to exchange/discuss academic information in the target language.

  • MOD.COD.NH.2 Demonstrate an understanding of words and concepts presented in the target language and in authentic materials using listening, reading, and viewing strategies.

    • MOD.COD.NH.2.1 Interpret the main ideas and some supporting details of simple grade-level appropriate texts containing familiar vocabulary from other disciplines.

    • MOD.COD.NH.2.2 Follow multi-step instructions, directions, and requests from authentic materials in other disciplines that use the target language.

    • MOD.COD.NH.2.3 Use content knowledge in other disciplines to interpret authentic multimedia and digital/print resources on grade-level appropriate topics in the target language.

  • MOD.COD.NH.3 Present information, concepts and ideas to an audience orally or written.

    • MOD.COD.NH.3.1 Present viewpoints, information, and themes from other disciplines using simple sentences.

    • MOD.COD.NH.3.2 Describe common objects and actions from other disciplines with short phrases and simple sentences.

    • MOD.COD.NH.3.3 Connect common themes from other disciplines using short sentences.

    • MOD.COD.NH.3.4 Create a presentation in the target language using some sentences and supporting visuals in a variety of available technology tools and digital literacy skills.

MOD.ICC.NH Intercultural Competencies