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Skills available for Maryland Spanish standards

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1.0 Communication

2.0 Culture

3.0 Connections

  • 3.1 Students reinforce and further knowledge of other content areas through a language other than English.

    • 3.1.A Students access new information and reinforce existing knowledge of other content areas through the target language.

      • 3.1.A.a Use limited vocabulary and structures in the target language to increase knowledge of other content areas.

      • 3.1.A.b Apply knowledge and skills gained in the target language to make connections to other content areas and personal situations.

  • 3.2 Students acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are available only through a language and its cultures.

    • 3.2.A Students examine various topics from the perspectives of cultures where the language is spoken.

      • 3.2.A.a Describe perspectives gained from teacher-prepared print and non-print materials written in the target language.

      • 3.2.A.b Apply knowledge of the perspectives of the cultures studied to other content areas or to personal situations.

4.0 Comparisons

5.0 Communities

  • 5.1 Students use the language both within and beyond the school setting.

    • 5.1.A Students use and extend their language proficiency and cultural knowledge through face-to-face encounters and/or the use of technology both within and beyond the school setting.

      • 5.1.A.a Communicate with people locally and/or around the world through avenues such as pen pals, E-mail, video, face-to-face encounters, and publications with limited use of the target language.

      • 5.1.A.b Identify and describe available media (i.e., TV news, broadcasts), print (i.e., library), and commercial establishments in the local community that include or are presented partially in the target language.

      • 5.1.A.c Participate in activities where the ability to communicate with the target language is beneficial (i.e., dining in a restaurant, target language-related field trips).

  • 5.2 Students use the language for personal enjoyment and enrichment.

    • 5.2.A Students explore opportunities to use the target language both at home and abroad while accessing a wide variety of resources where students can pursue topics of personal interest.

      • 5.2.A.a Participate in activities to learn more about languages and cultures through various media.

      • 5.2.A.b Engage in opportunities to increase awareness of careers for which skills in another language and cross-cultural understanding are needed.

      • 5.2.A.c Research activities sponsored by local groups and communities (real/virtual) through which the target culture can be experienced.