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Skills available for New York Spanish standards

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1 Students will be able to use a language other than English for communication.

2 Students will develop cross-cultural skills and understandings.

  • 2.ML Modern Languages

  • 2.L Latin

    • 2.L.1 Latin aquisition provides the cultural context for learning about the ancient world and its people. From this basis students can compare and contrast antiquity and the present and thoughtfully contemplate the future.

      • 2.L.1.1 demonstrate knowledge of some aspects of Greco-Roman culture and selected facts of daily life, myths, history, and architecture

      • 2.L.1.2 recognize manifestations of antiquity in the modern world.

  • 2.ASL American Sign Language

    • 2.ASL.1 Key cultural traits exist within the deaf culture, and cultural patterns are learned through the use of American Sign Language.

      • 2.ASL.1.1 use key cultural traits that exist in settings where American Sign Language is used

      • 2.ASL.1.2 become aware of cultural patterns, learned through the use of American Sign Language, that characterize the Deaf culture.

  • 2.NAL Native American Languages

    • 2.NAL.1 Culture is transmitted and preserved through knowledge about the lives of Native American People and the sharing of their cultural ideology.

      • 2.NAL.1.1 demonstrate an awareness of Native culture

      • 2.NAL.1.2 recognize the names of cultural items and their uses

      • 2.NAL.1.3 understand the history and cultural symbols of the people

      • 2.NAL.1.4 demonstrate knowledge about the clan system.