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Skills available for Ohio Spanish standards

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CM Communicate in languages other than English, both in person and via technology.

CU Gain and use knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

  • CU.1 Analyze and explain relationships among products, practices and perspectives and compare them across cultures.

  • CU.2 Experience the target language and culture(s) and share information and personal reactions with others.

    • CU.2.a Attend, view or participate in a wide variety of cross-cultural activities and target culture events.

    • CU.2.b Experience and react to a wide variety of expressive products.

    • CU.2.c Analyze, explain and create replicas of important objects, images and symbols.

    • CU.2.d Use authentic digital and print media.

    • CU.2.e Investigate and experience target community organizations and their resources.

    • CU.2.f Interact and collaborate with a variety of target language speakers around a wide range of interests.

    • CU.2.g Use appropriate levels of formality or informality when interacting with members of the target culture(s).

    • CU.2.h Analyze and explain why people in different cultures might have differing viewpoints on a variety of issues.