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Skills available for Oklahoma Spanish standards

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1 Communicate effectively in more than one language in order to function in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes.

2 Interact with Cultural Competence and Understanding.

  • 2.1 Learners use the target language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the cultures studied.

    • 2.1.1 I can imitate patterns of behavior such as greetings or gestures used in formal and informal settings in the target cultures.

    • 2.1.2 I can identify and participate in customs, traditions, cultural activities, celebrations and holiday practices of the target cultures.

    • 2.1.3 I can identify some beliefs and outlooks of the target cultures.

    • 2.1.4 I can understand diversity and recognize the impact of stereotyping other cultures.

    • 2.1.5 I can recognize differences and similarities between the target cultures and my own.

  • 2.2 Learners use the target language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between the products and perspectives of the cultures studied.

    • 2.2.1 I can identify and explore artifacts and symbols commonly used in the target cultures.

    • 2.2.2 I can identify and explore some major contributions and influential figures, past and current, from the target cultures.

    • 2.2.3 I can identify and explore the impact of historical and contemporary influences from the target cultures that are significant in my own culture.

    • 2.2.4 I can identify and investigate products and geographic features from civilizations, countries, regions and tribes associated with the target language studied.

    • 2.2.5 I can extract samples of the cultures' perspectives from the arts and media in the target cultures.

3 Connect with other disciplines and acquire information and diverse perspectives in order to use the language to function in academic and career-related situations.

  • 3.1 Learners build, reinforce, and expand their knowledge of other disciplines while using the language to develop critical thinking and to solve problems creatively.

    • 3.1.1 I can identify and/or apply selected information and skills from other content areas in experiences related to the target language and cultures.

    • 3.1.2 I can reinforce and/or expand learning in other content areas using authentic target language resources.

  • 3.2 Learners access and evaluate information and diverse perspectives that are available through the language and its cultures.

    • 3.2.1 I can extract information about the target cultures from selected authentic sources.

    • 3.2.2 I can use authentic target language sources to gain insight about the distinctive perspectives of the target culture.

4 Develop insight into the nature of language and culture in order to interact with cultural competence.

5 Communicate and interact with cultural competence in order to participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.

  • 5.1 Learners use the language both within and beyond the classroom to interact and collaborate in their community and the globalized world.

    • 5.1.1 I can identify career paths that are enhanced by proficiency in another language.

    • 5.1.2 I can practice oral or written use of the target language with others outside the classroom.

    • 5.1.3 I can communicate on a personal level with speakers of the target language.

    • 5.1.4 I can produce short presentations for a variety of audiences.

  • 5.2 Learners set goals and reflect on their progress in using languages for enjoyment, enrichment, and advancement.

    • 5.2.1 I can demonstrate a willingness to interact with native speakers.

    • 5.2.2 I can discover and explore a variety of entertainment sources representative of the target culture.

    • 5.2.3 I can identify current issues of interest within the target culture.

    • 5.2.4 I can discover and explore samples of art, literature, music, representative of the target culture.