The Common Core in South Dakota

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Skills available for South Dakota pre-K math standards

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PK.1 Number Sense and Operations

PK.2 Shapes/Geometry

  • PK.2.1 Recognize and name circle, triangle and rectangle (which includes square).

  • PK.2.2 Build and describe two-dimensional shapes, such as making circles and triangles with blocks and play dough.

  • PK.2.3 Recognize that a shape remains the same shape when it changes position.

  • PK.2.4 Sort and match objects with the same shape and size, and lay an object of the same shape and size on top of another to show they are the same.

  • PK.2.5 Make a picture by combining shapes.

  • PK.2.6 Take a shape apart (decompose) to make new shapes, such as finding two triangles in a square.

  • PK.2.7 Demonstrate and begin to use the language of the relative position of objects in the environment and play situations, such as up, down, over, under, top, bottom, inside, outside, in front, behind, between, next to.

  • PK.2.8 Create two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional structures that have symmetry.

PK.3 Measurement

PK.4 Making Sense of Data

  • PK.4.1 Sort objects onto a large graph according to one attribute, such as size, shape or color.

  • PK.4.2 Name the category that has the most, least, or the same on a large graph.

  • PK.4.3 Gather information to answer questions of interest.

PK.5 Patterns/Algebra

  • PK.5.1 Sort, classify, and order objects by size and other properties.

  • PK.5.2 Identify simple patterns in the context of play or daily activities (such as "block, car, block, car") and use patterns to describe relationships between objects ("car follows block").

  • PK.5.3 Predict, repeat, and extend a simple pattern in the context of play or daily activities ("dish, spoon, dish, spoon").