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Skills available for Tennessee Spanish standards

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ML.C1 Communication

ML.C2 Culture

ML.C3 Connections

  • Making Connections

  • Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives

    • ML.C3.2 Access and evaluate information and diverse perspectives that are available through the target language and its cultures.

      • ML.C3.2.NR Novice Range (NR)

        • ML.C3.2.NR.a identify the content areas and expand on vocabulary for each.

        • ML.C3.2.NR.b interpret information from infographics.

        • ML.C3.2.NR.c use media from the target culture to increase knowledge of topics from other content areas.

        • ML.C3.2.NR.d identify the main idea of current events reported in news from the target culture.

ML.C4 Comparisons

ML.C5 Communities

  • School and Global Communities

    • ML.C5.1 Use language to interact both within and beyond the classroom.

      • ML.C5.1.NR Novice Range (NR)

        • ML.C5.1.NR.a identify places in the community where the target language is spoken.

        • ML.C5.1.NR.b research opportunities for participation in school, community, or language competitions.

        • ML.C5.1.NR.c access speakers of the language either in person or using technology.

        • ML.C5.1.NR.d explore professions that require proficiency in another language.

  • Lifelong Learning

    • ML.C5.2 Use the target language for enrichment and advancement.

      • ML.C5.2.NR Novice Range (NR)

        • ML.C5.2.NR.a interpret materials and/or media from the target language and culture.

        • ML.C5.2.NR.b exchange information about topics of personal interest.

        • ML.C5.2.NR.c identify music or songs in the target language.

        • ML.C5.2.NR.d set learning goals for language acquisition.