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Skills available for Virginia Spanish standards

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Interpersonal Communication

Interpretive Communication: Listening and Reading for Understanding

Presentational Communication: Speaking and Writing

Cultural Perspectives, Practices, and Products

Making Connections through Language

  • SI.9 The student will connect information about the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking culture(s) with concepts studied in other subject areas.

    • SI.9.1 Identify the use of Spanish language and cultures in other subject areas.

    • SI.9.2 Relate content from other subject areas to topics discussed in Spanish class, such as current events from Spanish-speaking countries or regions or the influence of Spanish-speaking explorers and settlers on various regions of the United States.

Linguistic and Cultural Comparisons

Interacting in School and Global Communities

  • SI.12 The student will use Spanish language skills and cultural knowledge beyond the classroom setting for recreational, educational, and occupational purposes.

    • SI.12.1 Find and present examples of the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures gathered from interaction with Spanish speakers, authentic media, and technology.

    • SI.12.2 Use resources, such as individuals and organizations in the community or accessible through technology, to gain information about the Spanish-speaking world.