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IXL is proven to lead to higher academic achievement for students in Georgia. Learn more about how IXL can help your school succeed.

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Georgia students
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In the past school year, they have
collectively mastered 13,325,393 skills and
become proficient in 21,884,845 skills!


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Support success on Georgia state standards

Custom-built for Georgia Standards of Excellence, IXL's skill plans unpack every standard into targeted skills, so teachers know exactly what students should work on in order to meet key benchmarks.

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IXL is personalized learning



Assess students at a deep level, providing reliable insights on students' grade level proficiency.



With more than 8,500 skills, IXL's open curriculum has just the right skills to support students.



IXL Analytics is an essential daily tool that helps teachers deliver data-driven instruction.



IXL uses the insights from student work to power personalized action plans that direct each student.

Research shows IXL leads to gains on Georgia Milestones

Schools that used IXL outperformed schools without IXL in both math and ELA on the Georgia Milestones.

IXL's Impact on Georgia Milestones
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IXL helps you meet goals for all learners

Achieve your goals with IXL professional learning

IXL's team of experts is here to help you achieve your goals from the district to the school to the classroom. We offer highly engaging professional learning experiences and flexible delivery options to meet the needs of any district.

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Case studies

IXL is trusted by educators everywhere. Read about how IXL is making a positive impact on students and classrooms.

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