2022-2023 Learning Hub

IXL is here to support your child's success this school year! Discover tips, tricks, and strategies to ensure they're on track and motivated to learn.

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Resources for: Educators | Families

Get started

New to IXL? We've got you covered.

Family guide for getting started

This step‑by‑step guide provides a quick tour of IXL and shows easy, effective ways to get your child engaged and learning.

Guide learning with instructional resources

From engaging video tutorials to detailed problem explanations, IXL’s instructional resources give your child the guidance they need to learn with confidence.

Learn on your favorite device

Swipe, tap, and learn! IXL's delightful mobile apps bring learning to life on any device. Learn more or download the app now.

Find your routine

Use IXL's expert-built skill plans to guide your child's learning. From seasonal learning plans to week-by-week roadmaps, you can choose the pace and skill level that's right for them.

Activate achievement with hand-picked IXL skills

Kick-start learning this fall with IXL's Fall Power-up skill plans! Perfect for closing knowledge gaps and motivating mastery, these skill plans will help your child create a strong foundation and explore important topics for their grade level.

Your week-by-week plan

We've mapped out the skills you'll need for each week of the school year! Simply select your child's grade level, and they'll be guided through the essential curriculum they need this year.

Track progress and take action

Super-charge learning with personalized action plans and IXL Analytics! Identify what your child knows, where they're struggling, and the exact skills they can work on to boost growth.

Diagnostic Action Plan

Get a personalized action plan for targeted growth at any grade level.

  • Have your child answer questions in the Diagnostic Arena

  • Pinpoint their exact knowledge levels in math and language arts

  • Use the Diagnostic Action Plan skills to guide their learning

SAT & ACT Study Plans

Help them reach their goals with a personalized study plan for exam season.

  • Enter scores from a prior exam or practice test

  • Practice skills on the personalized study plan to improve scores

  • Update scores at any time to keep their plan up to date

Monitor your child's progress with IXL Analytics

This guide shows you how to see what they've been doing on IXL, how you can help with areas they're struggling with, and more.