2020-21 Summer Learning Hub

IXL is here to support your child's success this summer! Discover tips, tricks, and strategies to make sure they're on track for the next school year.

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Resources for: Educators | Families

Fun summer learning

Summer Adventures

Explore new topics with 20 days of fun skills, challenges, and offline activities.

Summer resources

These printables and activities will keep your kids excited about learning all summer long.

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Family guide for getting started

Not sure where to start on IXL? This step‑by‑step guide provides a quick tour of IXL and shows easy, effective ways to get your child engaged and learning.

Learn on your favorite device

Swipe, tap, and learn! IXL's delightful mobile apps bring learning to life on any device. Learn more or download the app now.

IXL Workbooks

Now, the online learning program loved by millions has a full‑color print companion!

Super-charge learning with a personalized action plan!

Challenge your child with some time in the Diagnostic Arena, showing what they can do. You'll reveal a complete picture of what your child knows, and the best next steps for filling gaps and charging ahead!

Monitor your child's progress with IXL Analytics!

This guide shows you how to see what they've been doing on IXL, how you can help with areas they're struggling with, and more.

Have questions?

We've got answers! Check out our answers to commonly-asked questions at ixl.com/help.