KSDE is funding IXL Math for K‑12 students in Kansas!

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We are proud to continue partnering with Kansas schools!

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Kansas students are already using IXL

Join Shawnee Mission, Topeka, Derby and more that already use IXL to propel student achievement.

I love using IXL as a daily support in my classroom! It is so easy to follow a Skill Plan to assign skills to my students as we progress through the curriculum. Checking on their progress using the Smart Score is a quick formative assessment of specific skills, especially when the whole class is working on IXL and I can see all their Smart Scores on my screen at once, instantly knowing who to support.
Ashley Jensen
3rd grade teacher, Shawnee Mission

What is IXL?

IXL is the personalized learning platform that will

  • Level up your instruction

  • Save you time

  • Accelerate student growth

What is IXL?

Proven effective

IXL schools score as much as 15 percentile points higher in math. Even with pandemic disruptions, Kansas schools using IXL Math outperformed schools without IXL on the KAP.

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Custom‑built skill plans for Kansas

Our curriculum team has mapped out Kansas' instructional resources—including Kansas state standards, textbooks, and test preparation plans—and custom‑built IXL skills to precisely match each topic you’ll cover. The perfect content to reinforce each concept is always at your fingertips!

  • Kansas state standards

  • Textbooks

  • Assessments

Real‑Time Diagnostic

Your go‑to source for student insights

Assess students and track their growth in real time, then get personalized, actionable next steps to help them progress further!

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