Assess student knowledge with the IXL Diagnostic

Learn how to use IXL's Real-Time Diagnostic, which pinpoints students' grade-level proficiency and generates personalized action plans to help learners grow.

Choose how to use the diagnostic

The IXL Diagnostic is flexible and can be used in two different ways:

Get started with Snapshot mode
Admins: Get started with Snapshot mode

Step 1

Administrators schedule specific times throughout the year for students to complete their diagnostic.

Step 2

Use the Diagnostic Levels report to see if students are on, above, or below grade level.

Step 3

Help students improve using their Diagnostic Action Plans, which IXL generates based on their Snapshot performance.

Resources for admins

Get started with Real-Time mode
Teachers: Get started with Real-Time mode

Step 1

Have students visit the Diagnostic arena and answer questions until their levels are up-to-date.

Step 2

Use each student's personalized Diagnostic Action Plan to make meaningful progress and fill knowledge gaps.

Step 3

Keep levels current by having students answer 10-15 questions each week.

Resources for teachers

Student resources

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IXL's Real-Time Diagnostic is predictive of student performance on high-stakes assessments. Studies have found strong correlations between the IXL Diagnostic and: