Analytics for School Leaders

IXL Analytics for School Leaders helps you facilitate an effective IXL implementation. Modern and intuitive, Analytics gives you up-to-date insights on your students' progress so that you can evaluate and improve IXL's impact on your schools.

Get the IXL Effect

Research proves that IXL works, and Analytics for School Leaders can help you experience the IXL Effect in your schools. We measure your schools' IXL usage against research-based best practices so that you can set goals for your implementation and ensure success for all students.

Boost teacher engagement

IXL is not just powerful for students; it also helps make your teachers more efficient and effective. With Analytics for School Leaders, you can keep current on teacher usage and make sure that every classroom is getting the most out of IXL.

Chart meaningful growth

Your students are learning and growing on IXL every day, and Analytics for School Leaders gives you a front-row seat to your students' achievements. IXL is the only platform that gives you minute-by-minute diagnostic information so that you can track progress toward your district's growth goals.

Explore IXL Analytics for teachers

IXL Analytics provides actionable insights that help teachers make better instructional decisions

Empower teachers

Seamless integration
makes personalized learning possible

Find out how Analytics combines with our Continuous Diagnostic and curriculum to impact student learning.

The IXL Continuous Diagnostic

IXL Analytics pulls in data from the Continuous Diagnostic to ensure you and your teachers have up-to-the minute tracking of students' grade-level proficiency and growth.

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IXL Curriculum & Guidance

IXL Analytics evaluates student work in the curriculum so that teachers can provide targeted instruction that meets every student at the right level.

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