Research study

A Study of Student Achievement,
Teacher Perceptions, and IXL Math

An Abstract


IXL Learning partnered with Empirical Education to study the effectiveness of IXL Math in Beaverton School District in Oregon. During the 2011-2012 year, IXL Math was used to supplement instruction in two elementary/middle schools. The study focused on 4th and 5th grade students in Title I schools and examined the relationship between being in an IXL Math classroom and performance on the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS) math test. As a secondary focus, the study looked at perceived changes in students' attitudes towards math since using IXL Math.


  1. Students in IXL Math classrooms performed better on the OAKS math test than students not in IXL Math classrooms.
    • The mathematics performance for students in IXL Math classrooms versus comparison students corresponds to a 5-percentile gain on the test.
    • This gain is equivalent to 6.2 weeks of extra instructional time over the average duration of a school year. Based on a year containing 170 days of instruction, this translates to 18% more teaching time.
    • An increase in the average IXL session duration by just one minute increases the effectiveness of IXL Math by 6.3% over an average year, as assessed through the OAKS math test.
  2. Teachers using IXL Math perceived improved student enjoyment, confidence, and effort since using the program.
    • 100% of teachers surveyed said that their students' confidence in learning math increased.
    • 77% of teachers said that their students' level of effort increased.
  3. Teachers using IXL Math in their classrooms reported an overall positive experience with the program.
    • 100% of teachers said that it was likely that they would recommend IXL Math to other teachers.
    • 93% of teachers were somewhat or very satisfied with the program. No teacher indicated dissatisfaction with the program.

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