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Skills available for Alaska pre-K language arts standards

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65 Children demonstrate phonological awareness.


66 Children demonstrate awareness of letters and symbols.

67 Children demonstrate awareness of print concepts.

68 Children demonstrate comprehension of printed material and oral stories.

69 Children demonstrate awareness that written materials can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • 60 months to Kindergarten Entry

    • Uses picture clues for information (e.g., attempts to predict weather by looking at picture of clouds and rain in newspaper or on television news)

    • Recognizes function of common labels in the environment (e.g., restroom sign)

    • Uses a simple cookbook, map, or similar printed material, with assistance

70 Children demonstrate appreciation and enjoyment of reading.

  • 60 months to Kindergarten Entry

    • Enjoys "how-to" books, non-fiction, and reference books

    • Shares and talks about books with peers

    • Looks for books of interest

    • Shows interest in learning to read and makes attempts at 'reading' favorite books aloud

    • Sits through entire picture book read aloud without disrupting

    • Has a favorite author/illustrator or series of books by same author

    • "Reads" books by repeating the story he/she has heard an adult tell or by "reading" the pictures