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Skills available for Arizona pre-K language arts standards

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1 Language

2 Emergent Literacy

3 Emergent Writing

  • 3.1 Writing Processes and Writing Applications

    • 3.1.a In writing process, uses a variety of writing tools, materials, and surfaces to create drawings or symbols.

    • 3.1.b Writes own name using letter‐like forms or conventional print.

    • 3.1.c Intentionally uses scribbles/writing and inventive writing to convey meaning, ideas, or to tell a story (e.g., signing artwork, captioning, labeling, creating lists, and making notes).

    • 3.1.d Forms letters starting with large motor (e.g., sky writing, paint brush and water, sidewalk chalk) progressing to fine motor (paper and writing utensil).

    • 3.1.e Organizes writing from left to right, indicating a print awareness that letters cluster as words, words cluster into phrases or sentences by use of spacing or marks.