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Skills available for Arizona high school math standards

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P.N Number and Quantity

P.A Algebra

P.F Functions

P.G Geometry

P.S Statistics and Probability

P.CM Contemporary Mathematics

  • P.CM-DM Discrete Mathematics

    • P.CM-DM.A Understand and apply vertex-edge graph topics.

      • P.CM-DM.A.1 Study the following topics related to vertex-edge graph: Euler circuits, Hamilton circuits, shortest path, vertex coloring, and adjacency matrices.

      • P.CM-DM.A.2 Understand, analyze, and apply vertex-edge graphs to model and solve problems related to paths, circuits, networks, and relationships among a finite number of elements, in real-world and abstract settings.

      • P.CM-DM.A.3 Devise, analyze, and apply algorithms for solving vertex-edge graph problems.

      • P.CM-DM.A.4 Extend work with adjacency matrices for graphs, such as interpreting row sums and using the nth power of the adjacency matrix to count paths of length n in a graph.