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Skills available for California eighth-grade math standards

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8.A8.N Number and Quantity

8.A8.A Algebra

8.A8.F Functions

8.A8.G Geometry

8.A8.SP Statistics and Probability

8.A8.VA Constructing Viable Arguments

  • 8.A8.VA.VA Constructing Viable Arguments

    • 8.A8.VA.VA.1 Use and know simple aspects of a logical argument.

      • 8.A8.VA.VA.1.a Use counterexamples to show that an assertion is false and recognize that a single counterexample is sufficient to refute an assertion.

    • 8.A8.VA.VA.2 Use properties of the number system to judge the validity of results, to justify each step of a procedure, and to prove or disprove statements:

      • 8.A8.VA.VA.2.a Use properties of numbers to construct simple, valid arguments (direct and indirect) for, or formulate counterexamples to, claimed assertions.

      • 8.A8.VA.VA.2.b Judge the validity of an argument according to whether the properties of the real number system and the order of operations have been applied correctly at each step.

      • 8.A8.VA.VA.2.c Given a specific algebraic statement involving linear, quadratic, or absolute value expressions or equations or inequalities, determine whether the statement is true sometimes, always, or never.