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Skills available for Indiana seventh-grade science standards

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7.PS Physical Science

7.ESS Earth and Space Science

  • 7.ESS.1 Identify and investigate the properties of minerals. Identify and classify a variety of rocks based on physical characteristics from their origin, and explain how they are related using the rock cycle. (i.e. Sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks)

  • 7.ESS.2 Construct a model or scale drawing (digitally or on paper), based on evidence from rock strata and fossil records, for how the geologic time scale is used to organize Earth's 4.6 billion-year-old history.

  • 7.ESS.3 Using simulations or demonstrations, explain continental drift theory and how lithospheric (tectonic) plates have been and still are in constant motion resulting in the creation of landforms on the Earth's surface over time.

  • 7.ESS.4 Construct an explanation, based on evidence found in and around Indiana, for how large scale physical processes, such as Karst topography and glaciation, have shaped the land.

  • 7.ESS.5 Construct a model, diagram, or scale drawing of the interior layers of the Earth. Identify and compare the compositional (chemical) layers to the mechanical (physical) layers of the Earth's interior including magnetic properties.

  • 7.ESS.6 Research common synthetic materials (i.e. plastics, composites, polyester, and alloys) to gain an understanding that synthetic materials do come from natural resources and have an impact on society.

  • 7.ESS.7 Describe the positive and negative environmental impacts of obtaining and utilizing various renewable and nonrenewable energy resources in Indiana. Determine which energy resources are the most beneficial and efficient.

7.LS Life Science

6-8.E Engineering