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Skills available for Kansas third-grade social studies standards

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E Economic

  • In this unit students will recognize that limited resources require people to make choices to satisfy their wants for goods and services.

  • Students will examine how a market economy works in their community through buyers and sellers exchanging goods and services.

  • They will examine the reason for economic specialization and how that leads to trade between communities.

  • Students will describe how a market economy works and consider the role the economy has on travel between communities.

  • They will understand that when borrowing money the consumer is receiving credit that must be repaid.

  • Students will explore what goods and services in their community are paid for by taxes.

  • They will consider how people's wants and needs are met through spending and saving decisions.

  • Students will explore the consequences of borrowing and lending.

  • Ideas

  • People/Roles

  • Places/Institutions

    • community

    • town/city

    • local businesses

    • tax and non-tax supported institutions

  • Events

  • Skills

    • Explain how location impacts supply and demand.

    • Analyze costs and benefits of decisions in your community

    • Evaluate the personal benefits of saving and spending, borrowing and lending

    • Determine opportunity cost

    • Solve problems and justify the decision