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Skills available for Kansas eighth-grade social studies standards

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A Establishing America: 1787—1830s

  • In this unit, students consider the enormous tasks that faced the new nation as well as studying its leaders during this difficult period.

  • The United States had to demonstrate that it could survive as an independent country. Students will recognize and evaluate the changes that occurred with the growth of industry and technology.

  • Americans began moving west during this period affecting the relationship between the United States and other nations and American Indians. Students should investigate and analyze the impact of these changes on American society.

  • A.I Ideas

    • A.I.1 Federalism

    • A.I.2 Bill of Rights

    • A.I.3 Jacksonian democracy

    • A.I.4 Industrial Revolution

    • A.I.5 Market Revolution

    • A.I.6 growth of executive power

    • A.I.7 growth of judicial power

    • A.I.8 Monroe Doctrine

    • A.I.9 individual freedom

    • A.I.10 Marshall Court

  • A.PR People/Roles

  • A.PI Places/Institutions

  • A.E Events

  • A.Q Sample Compelling Questions

    • A.Q.1 What were the most important choices made by the creators of the U.S. Constitution?

    • A.Q.2 Why were some living in America given the rights and responsibilities of citizens but others living in America were not?

    • A.Q.3 How and why did tensions arise between American Indians and other Americans?

    • A.Q.4 How has the definition of citizenship changed over time?

    • A.Q.5 How did the size of North America impact the relationship between the American government and its citizens?