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Skills available for Louisiana fourth-grade science standards

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Science as Inquiry

Physical Science

  • Properties of Objects and Materials

    • 23 Determine linear, volume, and weight/mass measurements by using both metric system and U.S. system units to compare the results

    • 24 Illustrate how heating/cooling affects the motion of small particles in different phases of matter

    • 25 Describe various methods to separate mixtures (e.g., evaporation, condensation, filtration, magnetism)

  • Position and Motion of Objects

    • 26 Measure, record, and graph changes in position over time (e.g., speed of cars, ball rolling down inclined plane)

    • 27 Describe how the amount of force needed to cause an object to change its motion depends on the mass of the object

  • Forms of Energy

    • 28 Explain the relationship between volume (amplitude) of sound and energy required to produce the sound

    • 29 Compare the rates at which sound travels through solids, liquids, and gases

    • 30 Explain the relationship between frequency (rate of vibration) and pitch

    • 31 Diagram what happens to white light as it passes through a prism

    • 32 Describe how light bends or refracts when traveling through various materials (e.g., pencil in a glass of water)

    • 33 Describe how heat energy moves through a material by conduction

    • 34 Give examples of ways heat can be generated through friction (e.g., rubbing hands)

    • 35 Give examples of ways heat can be produced by conversion from other sources of energy

    • 36 Test and classify materials as conductors and insulators of electricity

    • 37 Demonstrate how a complete circuit is needed for conducting electricity

    • 38 Explain the effects of Earth's gravity on all objects at or near the surface of Earth

    • 39 Describe energy transformations (e.g., electricity to light, friction to heat)

Life Science

Earth and Space Science