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Skills available for Michigan eighth-grade social studies standards

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8-F Foundations in U.S. History and Geography Eras 1-2

8-U3 USHG Era 3 – Revolution and the New Nation

8-U4 USHG Era 4 – Expansion and Reform (1792-1861)

8-U5 USHG Era 5 – Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)

8-U6 USHG Era 6 – The Development of an Industrial, Urban, and Global United States (1870-1930)

  • 8-U6.1 America in the Last Half of the 19th Century: Analyze the major changes in communication, transportation, demography, and urban centers, including the location and growth of cities linked by industry and trade, in the last half of the 19th century. The purpose of this section is to introduce some of the major changes in American society and the economy in the last part of the 19th century. This era will be addressed in depth and with greater intellectual sophistication in the high school U.S. History and Geography content expectations.

    • 8-U6.1.1 America at Century's End – compare and contrast the United States in 1800 with the United States in 1898, focusing on similarities and differences in: territory; population; systems of transportation; governmental policies promoting economic development; economic change; the treatment of African-Americans; and the policies toward Indigenous Peoples.

  • 8-U6.2 Investigation Topics and Issue Analysis (P2): Use the historical perspective to investigate a significant historical topic from U.S. History Eras 3-6 that also has significance as an issue or topic in the United States today.

    • 8-U6.2.1 U.S. History Investigation Topic and Issue Analysis, Past and Present – use historical perspectives to analyze issues in the United States from the past and the present; conduct research on a historical issue or topic, identify a connection to a contemporary issue, and present findings (e.g., oral, visual, video, or electronic presentation, persuasive essay, or research paper); include causes and consequences of the historical action and predict possible consequences of the contemporary action.

8-P Process and Skills Standards