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Skills available for Michigan eighth-grade social studies standards

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F1 Political and Intellectual Transformations

U3 USHG 3 Revolution and the New Nation

U4 USHG 4 Expansion and Reform (1792-1861)

U5 USHG 5 Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)

U6 USHG 6 Grade 8 begins to address trends and patterns in the last half of the 19th century, through 1898.

  • U6.1 Analyze the major changes in communication, transportation, demography, and urban centers, including the location and growth of cities linked by industry and trade, in last half of the 19th century.

  • U6.2 Use the historical perspective to investigate a significant historical topic from United States History Eras 3-6 that also has significance as an issue or topic in the United States today.

    • 8 - U6.2.1 Use historical perspectives to analyze issues in the United States from the past and the present; conduct research on a historical issue or topic, identify a connection to a contemporary issue, and present findings (e.g., oral, visual, video, or electronic presentation, persuasive essay, or research paper); include causes and consequences of the historical action and predict possible consequences of the contemporary action.

Public Discourse, Decision Making, and Citizen Involvement

  • P3.1 Identifying and Analyzing Issues, Decision Making, Persuasive Communication About a Public Issue, and Citizen Involvement

    • 8 - P3.1.1 Identify, research, analyze, discuss, and defend a position on a national public policy issue.

      • Identify a national public policy issue.

      • Clearly state the issue as a question of public policy orally or in written form.

      • Use inquiry methods to trace the origins of the issue and to acquire data about the issue.

      • Generate and evaluate alternative resolutions to the public issue and analyze various perspectives (causes, consequences, positive and negative impact) on the issue.

      • Identify and apply core democratic values or constitutional principles.

      • Share and discuss findings of research and issue analysis in group discussions and debates.

      • Compose a persuasive essay justifying the position with a reasoned argument.

      • Develop an action plan to address or inform others about the issue

  • P4.2 Act constructively to further the public good.

    • 8 - P4.2.1 Demonstrate knowledge of how, when, and where individuals would plan and conduct activities intended to advance views in matters of public policy, report the results, and evaluate effectiveness.

    • 8 - P4.2.2 Engage in activities intended to contribute to solving a national or international problem studied.

    • 8 - P4.2.3 Participate in projects to help or inform others (e.g., service learning projects).