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Skills available for Missouri first-grade language arts standards

IXL's first-grade skills will be aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of first-grade standards below.

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L Language

  • L.1 Communicate using conventions of English language.

    • L.1.A Grammar

      • L.1.A.1 In speech and written form, apply standard English grammar to:

        • L.1.A.1.a use nouns and action verbs that designate past, present, and future in sentences

        • L.1.A.1.b use adjectives/adverbs in sentences

        • L.1.A.1.c use the conjunctions and, but, and so in sentences

        • L.1.A.1.d use the articles a, an, and the in sentences

        • L.1.A.1.e use common prepositions

        • L.1.A.1.f use common pronouns

        • L.1.A.1.g produce complete simple and compound sentences

    • L.1.B Punctuation, Capitalization, Spelling

      • L.1.B.1 In written text:

        • L.1.B.1.a print legibly, using correct spacing between words and sentences

        • L.1.B.1.b use ending punctuation

        • L.1.B.1.c capitalize the first letter of othersÂ’ first and last names

        • L.1.B.1.d use commas to separate single words in a series

        • L.1.B.1.e spell words using regular spelling patterns

        • L.1.B.1.f spell words phonetically using phonemic awareness and spelling knowledge

        • L.1.B.1.g arrange words in alphabetical order, to the first letter