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Skills available for Missouri third-grade social studies standards

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3.PC Principles shaping constitutional democracy

  • 3.PC.1.B Purposes and principles of the Constitution

    • 3.PC.1.B.a Explain and give examples of how laws are made and changed within the state.

    • 3.PC.1.B.b Explain the major purposes of the Missouri Constitution.

  • 3.PC.1.C Purposes and principles of the Bill of Rights

  • 3.PC.1.D Role of citizens and governments in carrying out constitutional principles

    • 3.PC.1.D.a Explain how the State of Missouri relies on responsible citizen participation and draw implications for how people should participate.

  • 3.PC.1.E Character traits and civic attitudes of significant individuals

  • 3.PC.1.F Knowledge of the symbols of our state and nation

    • 3.PC.1.F.a Explain how the National Anthem symbolizes our nation.

    • 3.PC.1.F.b Recognize and explain the significance of the Gateway Arch and the Great Seal of Missouri and other symbols of our state.

3.GS Principles of governance

  • 3.GS.2.A Purposes and roles of government

    • 3.GS.2.A.a Explain how governments balance individual rights with common good to solve local community or state issues.

  • 3.GS.2.B Dispute resolution

    • 3.GS.2.B.a Analyze peaceful resolution of disputes by the courts, or other legitimate authorities in Missouri.

  • 3.GS.2.C Processes of governmental systems in decision making

    • 3.GS.2.C.a Describe how authoritative decisions are made, enforced and interpreted by the state government across historical time periods and/or in current events.

  • 3.GS.2.D Functions of governmental systems

    • 3.GS.2.D.a Identify and explain the functions of the three branches of government in Missouri.

3.H History of Missouri and the U.S.

3.E Economic concepts and principles

3.EG Relationship of geographical study to society and the environment

3.RI Relationships of individuals and groups to institutions and cultural traditions

3.TS Tools of social science inquiry