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Skills available for Missouri fifth-grade social studies standards

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1 Knowledge of the principles expressed in documents shaping constitutional democracy in the United States

2 Knowledge of principles and processes of governance systems

  • 2.A Purposes and roles of government

    • 2.A.1 Explain how the purpose and roles of government have been debated across historical time periods to current times.

  • 2.B Dispute resolution

    • 2.B.1 Analyze peaceful resolution of disputes by courts or other legitimate authorities in U.S. history from c. Dispute 1800 –2000.

  • 2.C Processes of governmental systems in decision making

    • 2.C.1 Analyze how authoritative decisions are made, enforced and interpreted by the federal government across historical time periods and current events.

  • 2.D Functions of governmental systems

3 Knowledge of continuity and change in the history of Missouri and the United States

4 Knowledge of economic concepts and principles

  • 4.A Knowledge of basic economic concepts

  • 4.B Understanding the consequences of economic decisions

  • 4.C Understanding various types of taxes and their purposes

  • 4.D Factors that influence the economy

    • 4.D.1 Explain factors, past and present, that influence changes in our nation's economy

    • 4.D.2 Use an economic lens to describe the impact of migration on the immigrants and the United States c. 1800- 2000.

5 Knowledge of major elements of geographical study and analysis and their relationship to changes in society and the environment

6 Knowledge of relationships of the individual and groups to institutions and cultural traditions

7 Knowledge of the use of tools of social science inquiry

  • 7.A Identify, select, analyze, and evaluate resources to create a product of social science inquiry

    • 7.A.1 Identify, select, analyze, and evaluate resources to create a product of social science inquiry.

    • 7.A.2 Evaluate and use artifacts to share information on social studies' topics.

  • 7.B Use visual tools to communicate information and ideas

    • 7.B.1 Use visual tools to interpret, draw conclusions, make predictions, and communicate information and ideas.

    • 7.B.2 Create and present products such as maps, graphs, timelines, charts and models, diagrams etc. to communicate information and understanding on social studies' topics.

  • 7.C Understanding and supporting fact, opinion, bias and point of view in sources.

    • 7.C.1 Explain how facts and opinions affect point of view and/or bias in social studies' topics.

    • 7.C.2 Identify, research, and defend a point of view/position on a social studies' topic.

  • 7.D Conducting and presenting research with appropriate resources.

    • 7.D.1 Conduct and present social studies ' research to an audience using appropriate sources.

  • 7.E Developing a research plan and identifying resources

    • 7.E.1 Generate compelling research questions about a social studies' topic.

    • 7.E.2 Create and apply a research process to investigate a compelling social studies' question.

    • 7.E.3 Evaluate and use appropriate resources for investigating a compelling social studies' question.

  • 7.F Conducting and presenting research with appropriate resources

    • 7.F.1 Conduct and present research on a social studies' question to an audience, using appropriate sources.

  • 7.G Supporting a point of view

    • 7.G.1 Research and defend a point of view/position on a social studies' question.