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Skills available for New Hampshire second-grade social studies standards

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CV Civics and Governments

EC Economics

  • SS:EC:1 Economics and the Individual

  • SS:EC:2 Basic Economic Concepts

    • SS:EC:2:2.1 Distinguish between needs and wants.

  • SS:EC:4 Financial Institutions and the Government

    • SS:EC:2:4.1 Identify the characteristics of money.

    • SS:EC:2:4.2 Describe basic services banks or other financial institutions provide to consumers, savers, borrowers, and businesses.

  • SS:EC:5 International Economics and Trade

GE Geography

HI New Hampshire and United States History

WH World History and Contemporary Issues

  • SS:WH:1 Political Foundations and Developments

    • SS:WH:2:1.1 Recognize that people of different countries have different social and political systems.

  • SS:WH:3 World Views and Value systems and their Intellectual and Artistic Expressions

    • SS:WH:2:3.1 Explore ways that societies around the world express themselves artistically, e.g., songs, dance or clothing.

  • SS:WH:5 Social/Cultural

    • SS:WH:2:5.1 Identify the concepts of values and beliefs.