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Skills available for Rhode Island second-grade social studies standards

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C&G Civics & Government

HP Historical Perspectives/Rhode Island History

G Geography

E Economics

  • E 1 Individuals and societies make choices to address the challenges and opportunities of scarcity and abundance.

    • E 1 (K-2)-1 Students demonstrate an understanding of basic economic concepts by...

    • E 1 (K-2)-2 Students demonstrate an understanding that scarcity and abundance causes individuals to make economic choices by...

    • E 1 (K-2)-3 Students demonstrate an understanding that societies develop different ways to deal with scarcity and abundance by...

      • a identifying how goods and services are shared as a family (e.g., taking turns washing dishes, setting the table, sharing clothes, etc.).

  • E 2 Producers and consumers locally, nationally, and internationally engage in the exchange of goods and services.

  • E 3 Individuals, institutions and governments have roles in economic systems.

    • E 3 (K-2)-1 Students demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence created by economic decisions by...

      • a identifying how the classroom community members exchange and consume resources. (e.g. teacher distributes limited school supplies among the students; students take turns using stations).

      • b recognizing the purposes of money and how it can be used (e.g., personal savings, personal spending).