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Skills available for Virginia high school math standards

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9-12. Students will apply algebraic, geometric, and statistical concepts and the relationships among them to solve problems, model relations, and make decisions using data and situations within and outside of mathematics. In accomplishing this goal, students will develop and enhance a repertoire of skills and strategies for solving a variety of problem types.

9-12. Students will be able to recognize, use, and interpret various functions and their representations, including verbal descriptions, tables, equations, and graphs to make predictions and analyze relationships in solving complex, real-world mathematical problems.

9-12. Students will be able to perform and justify steps in mathematical procedures and calculations and graph and solve a range of equations types. Students will reason from a variety of representations such as graphs, tables, and charts and will use displays of univariate data to identify and interpret patterns. Students will be able to calculate probabilities and analyze distributions of data to make decisions.

9-12. Students will recognize verification and proof as fundamental aspects of mathematical reasoning. Students will integrate and apply inductive and deductive reasoning skills to make, test, and evaluate mathematical statements. This applies equally through simple mathematical calculations, in geometric applications, and more abstract statistical and algebraic processes. Students will use logical reasoning to analyze an argument and to determine whether conclusions are valid.