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Skills available for Washington pre-K language arts standards

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5 Communicating (literacy)

  • Speaking and listening (language development)

    • Know and use several hundred words in home language. Use new words on own.

    • Use words to describe actions (such as "running fast") and emotions (such as happy, sad, tired and scared).

    • Talk in sentences of five or six words.

    • Know when it is appropriate to ask questions and whom to ask. Ask questions to get information or clarification.

    • Remember and follow directions involving two or three steps, including steps that are not related (such as "Please pick up your toys and put on your shoes").

    • Remember all parts and respond correctly to a request (such as "Bring me the green towel").

    • Tell some details of a recent event in sequence.

    • Tell a short make-believe story, with adult help.

    • Listen to others and respond in a group discussion for a short period. Remember what was said and gain information through listening.

    • State own point of view, and likes and dislikes using words, gestures and/or pictures.

    • Join in and make up songs, chants, rhymes and games that play with the sounds of language (such as clapping out the rhythm).

    • Sing a song or say a poem from memory.