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Skills available for Wisconsin second-grade social studies standards

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Econ Economics

  • SS.Econ1 Wisconsin students use economic reasoning to understand issues.

    • SS.Econ1.a Choices and Decision-Making

    • SS.Econ1.b Incentives

      • SS.Econ1.b.2 Predict a person's change in behavior in response to different potential rewards.

  • SS.Econ2 Wisconsin students will analyze how decisions are made and interactions occur among individuals, households, and firms/businesses (Microeconomics).

    • SS.Econ2.a Consumers, Producers, and Markets

    • SS.Econ2.b Supply, Demand, and Competition

      • SS.Econ2.b.2 Define product market and categorize prices of products in a local market.

    • SS.Econ2.c Firm/Business Behavior and Costs of Production

      • SS.Econ2.c.2 Predict how producers use the factors of production (i.e., land, labor, human and physical capital, and entrepreneurship) to make goods, deliver services, and earn profits.

  • SS.Econ3 Wisconsin students will analyze how an economy functions as a whole (Macroeconomics).

    • SS.Econ3.a Economic Indicators

      • SS.Econ3.a.1 Identify the cost of everyday goods (e.g., milk, bread, fruit, vegetables, cheese).

    • SS.Econ3.b Money

      • SS.Econ3.b.1.i Categorize types of money (e.g., coins, bills), and explain why money is used.

      • SS.Econ3.b.1.ii Formulate reasons why people save.

  • SS.Econ4 Wisconsin students will evaluate government decisions and their impact on individuals, businesses, markets, and resources (Role of Government).

    • SS.Econ4.a Economic Systems and Allocation of Resources

    • SS.Econ4.b Institutions

      • SS.Econ4.b.1.i Classify different jobs people have and how these jobs help others.

      • SS.Econ4.b.1.ii Explain what major public, private, and tribal institutions (e.g., schools, police, fire station) do for people.

    • SS.Econ4.c Role of Government

      • SS.Econ4.c.2 Summarize goods and services that the government provides (e.g., roads, schools, police), and how they help people.

    • SS.Econ4.d Impact of Government Interventions

      • SS.Econ4.d.1 Give an example of an unintended cost or benefit to an event (e.g., getting new playground equipment, receiving a present).

    • SS.Econ4.e Specialization, Trade, and Interdependence

      • SS.Econ4.e.2.i Investigate how people can benefit themselves and others by developing special skills and strengths.

      • SS.Econ4.e.2.ii Hypothesize why people in one country trade goods with people in another country.