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Skills available for Wisconsin fourth-grade social studies standards

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Econ Economics

  • SS.Econ1 Wisconsin students use economic reasoning to understand issues.

  • SS.Econ2 Wisconsin students will analyze how decisions are made and interactions occur among individuals, households, and firms/businesses (Microeconomics).

  • SS.Econ3 Wisconsin students will analyze how an economy functions as a whole (Macroeconomics).

    • SS.Econ3.a Economic Indicators

      • SS.Econ3.a.4 Investigate how the cost of things changes over time.

    • SS.Econ3.b Money

      • SS.Econ3.b.5 Describe the role of money, banking, and savings in everyday life, including why people borrow money and the role of interest.

  • SS.Econ4 Wisconsin students will evaluate government decisions and their impact on individuals, businesses, markets, and resources (Role of Government).

    • SS.Econ4.a Economic Systems and Allocation of Resources

      • SS.Econ4.a.3 Trace the chain of supply for a needed product (e.g., food, shelter).

    • SS.Econ4.b Institutions

      • SS.Econ4.b.4-5.i Assess the role of economic institutions (e.g., banks, government) in helping individuals and society.

      • SS.Econ4.b.4-5.ii Differentiate between private property (e.g., factories and homes) and public property (e.g., parks, public schools, and government buildings).

    • SS.Econ4.c Role of Government

      • SS.Econ4.c.5 Discuss reasons a government taxes people.

    • SS.Econ4.d Impact of Government Interventions

      • SS.Econ4.d.5 Predict unintended costs and benefits (i.e., externalities) for a given current situation or event.

    • SS.Econ4.e Specialization, Trade, and Interdependence

      • SS.Econ4.e.3 Compare and contrast specialization in two or more regions (e.g., Midwest and Northeastern United States; United States and Japan; Europe and South America).