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Skills available for Wyoming second-grade social studies standards

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1 Citizenship, Government, and Democracy

2 Culture and Cultural Diversity

3 Production, Distribution, and Consumption

4 Time, Continuity, and Change

  • SS2.4.1 Identify how an event could change the future (e.g., moving to a new town means going to a new school or learning to ride a bike could mean getting to a friend's house faster).

  • SS2.4.2 Identify tools and technologies, including those of Indigenous Tribes of Wyoming, that made or make life easier and sustainable (e.g., cars for getting one place to another, washing machines for washing clothes, flashlights to see in the dark, and usage of bison and natural resources).

  • SS2.4.3 Describe a "current event" involving significant people and places in Wyoming (e.g., local, state, or tribal events).

5 People, Places, and Environments

6 Technology, Literacy, and Global Connections