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Skills available for Wyoming second-grade social studies standards

Standards are in black and IXL social studies skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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1 Students analyze how people create and change structures of power, authority, and governance to understand the continuing evolution of governments and to demonstrate civic responsibility.

2 Students demonstrate an understanding of the contributions and impacts of human interaction and cultural diversity on societies.

3 Students describe the influence of economic factors on societies and make decisions based on economic principles.

4 Students analyze events, people, problems, and ideas within their historical contexts.

  • SS2.4.1 Identify how an event could change the future (e.g., moving to a new town means going to a new school or learning to ride a bike could mean getting to a friend's house faster).

  • SS2.4.2 Identify tools and technologies that make life easier (e.g., cars for getting one place to another, washing machines for washing clothes, or flashlights to see in the dark).

  • SS2.4.3 Describe a "current event."

5 Students apply their knowledge of the geographic themes (location, place, movement, region, and human/environment interactions) and skills to demonstrate an understanding of interrelationships among people, places, and environment.

6 Students use technology and literacy skills to access, synthesize, and evaluate information to communicate and apply social studies knowledge to global situations.

  • SS2.6.1 Identify what kinds of information can be found in different resources (e.g., library, computer, atlas, and dictionary).

  • SS2.6.2 Distinguish between fiction and non-fiction.

  • SS2.6.3 Use digital tools to learn about social studies concepts.