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Skills available for Arkansas pre-K language arts standards

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EL1 Engagement in Literacy Experiences and Understanding of Stories and Books

  • EL1.1 Shows interest in literacy experiences

    • EL1.1.1 Engagement in Literacy Experiences

      • EL1.1.1.1 Participates in and actively seeks out a variety of literacy experiences such as telling and listening to stories, singing and saying rhymes, engaging with writing materials, and incorporating books or other print into play

    • EL1.1.2 Variety of Interests

      • EL1.1.2.1 Shows interest in an increasing variety of types of stories and texts (e.g., picture books, informational texts, rhymes and poetry, illustrated biographies, folk and fairy tales)

  • EL1.2 Engages in read-alouds and conversations about books and stories

    • EL1.2.2 Story Comprehension

    • EL1.2.3 Story Structure

      • EL1.2.3.1 Pretends to read, describing what is happening and using some language from the book with pictures as cues

      • EL1.2.3.2 Retells stories (e.g., favorite book, personal experience) with increasing use of proper sequence and inclusion of major story elements in their narratives such as main characters, setting, story problems, and cause-and-effect relationships

    • EL1.2.4 Informational Texts

      • EL1.2.4.1 Demonstrates knowledge from informational texts in a variety of ways and makes connections to other books or personal experiences (e.g., when teacher reads the story Owl Moon, child says, "We learned in that other book that owls stay awake at night and sleep during the day.")

EL2 Phonological Awareness

EL3 Knowledge and Use of Books, Print, and Letters