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Skills available for Arkansas pre-K math standards

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PK.3.10 Classifies objects by physical features such as shape or color

PK.3.11 Classifies objects conceptually (things that go together)

PK.3.12 Recognizes patterns and can repeat them (patterning)

PK.3.13 Demonstrates one-to-one correspondence

PK.3.14 Demonstrates the ability to order and sequence

PK.3.15 Demonstrates an understanding of number (how many) and numeral (3 is a numeral) relationship (numeration)

PK.3.16 Demonstrates an understanding of addition and subtraction, using manipulatives

PK.3.17 Shows understanding of different relationships of objects in space (spatial relations)

PK.3.18 Shows an awareness of time concepts

PK.3.19 Shows interest in exploring the environment

PK.3.20 Uses senses to learn about the characteristics of the environment and to collect data (scientific process: observing)

PK.3.21 Uses words to describe the characteristics of objects (scientific process: communicating)

PK.3.22 Makes comparisons (scientific process: comparing)

PK.3.23 Shows awareness of cause-effect relationships

PK.3.24 Finds more than one solution to a problem

PK.3.25 Applies information or experience to a new context (scientific process: applying)