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Skills available for Delaware fourth-grade social studies standards

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C Civics

  • Government

  • Politics

    • C.2 Students will understand the principles and ideals underlying the American political system.

      • C.2.4-5a Students will understand that the principle of due process protects American citizens by requiring the government to pass and follow fair laws and use fair procedures to execute and enforce those laws.

      • C.2.4-5b Students will understand that a society based on the ideal of individual liberty requires a commitment on the part of its citizens to the principles of civic responsibility and personal civility.

  • Citizenship

    • C.3 Students will understand the responsibilities, rights, and privileges of United States citizens.

      • C.3.4-5a Students will apply the fundamental rights and protections of American citizens guaranteed in the Bill of Rights to everyday situations.

  • Participation

    • C.4 Students will develop and employ the civic skills necessary for effective, participatory citizenship.

      • C.4.4-5a Students will understand that in order to select effective leaders, citizens have to become informed about candidates' qualifications and the issues of the day.

      • C.4.4-5b Students will identify and employ the formal and informal methods by which democratic groups function.

E Economics

G Geography

H History