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Skills available for Florida sixth-grade math standards

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NSO Number Sense and Operations

AR Algebraic Reasoning

GR Geometric Reasoning

DP Data Analysis and Probability

  • Develop an understanding of statistics and determine measures of center and measures of variability. Summarize statistical distributions graphically and numerically.

    • MA.6.DP.1.AP.1 Identify statistical questions from a list that would generate numerical data.

    • MA.6.DP.1.AP.2a Use tools to identify and calculate the mean, median, mode and range represented in a set of data with no more than five elements.

    • MA.6.DP.1.AP.2b Identify and explain what the mean and mode represent in a set of data with no more than five elements.

    • MA.6.DP.1.AP.3 Given a box plot, identify the value of the minimum, the lower quartile, the median, the upper quartile and the maximum.

    • MA.6.DP.1.AP.4 Given a histogram or a line plot, describe the physical features of the graph.

    • MA.6.DP.1.AP.5 Create histograms to represent sets of numerical data with 10 or fewer elements.

    • MA.6.DP.1.AP.6 Calculate and identify changes (increase or decrease) in the median, mode or range when a data value is added or subtracted from a data set.