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Skills available for Florida sixth-grade social studies standards

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SS.6.CG Civics and Government (2021)

SS.6.C Civics and Government (2008)

SS.6.E Economics

  • SS.6.E.1 Understand the fundamental concepts relevant to the development of a market economy.

  • SS.6.E.2 Understand the fundamental concepts relevant to the institutions, structure, and functions of a national economy.

    • SS.6.E.2.1 Evaluate how civilizations through clans, leaders, and family groups make economic decisions for that civilization providing a framework for future city-state or nation development.

  • SS.6.E.3 Understand the fundamental concepts and interrelationships of the United States economy in the international marketplace.

    • SS.6.E.3.1 Identify examples of mediums of exchange (currencies) used for trade (barter) for each civilization, and explain why international trade requires a system for a medium of exchange between trading both inside and among various regions.

    • SS.6.E.3.2 Categorize products that were traded among civilizations, and give examples of barriers to trade of those products.

    • SS.6.E.3.3 Describe traditional economies (Egypt, Greece, Rome, Kush) and elements of those economies that led to the rise of a merchant class and trading partners.

    • SS.6.E.3.4 Describe the relationship among civilizations that engage in trade, including the benefits and drawbacks of voluntary trade.

SS.6.G Geography

SS.6.W World History