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Skills available for Florida seventh-grade math standards

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NSO Number Sense and Operations

AR Algebraic Reasoning

GR Geometric Reasoning

DP Data Analysis and Probability

  • Represent and interpret numerical and categorical data.

    • MA.7.DP.1.AP.1 Use context to determine the appropriate measure of center (mean or median) or range to summarize a numerical data set with 10 or fewer elements, represented numerically or graphically.

    • MA.7.DP.1.AP.2 Given two numerical or graphical representations of data in the same form, compare the mean, median or range of each representation.

    • MA.7.DP.1.AP.3 Given data from a random sample of the population, select from a list an appropriate prediction about the population based on the data.

    • MA.7.DP.1.AP.4 Use proportional reasoning to interpret data in a pie chart.

    • MA.7.DP.1.AP.5 Given a data set, select an appropriate graphical representation (histogram, bar chart, or line plot).

  • Develop an understanding of probability. Find and compare experimental and theoretical probabilities.

    • MA.7.DP.2.AP.1 Use tree diagrams, frequency tables, organized lists, and/or simulations to collect data from a simple experiment.

    • MA.7.DP.2.AP.2 Given the probability of a simple chance event written as a fraction, percentage or decimal between 0 and 1, determine how likely is it that an event will occur.

    • MA.7.DP.2.AP.3 Determine the theoretical probability of a simple chance event.

    • MA.7.DP.2.AP.4 Conduct a simple experiment to find experimental probabilities.