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Skills available for Florida seventh-grade social studies standards

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SS.7.CG Civics and Government (2021)

SS.7.C Civics and Government (2008)

SS.7.E Economics

  • SS.7.E.1 Understand the fundamental concepts relevant to the development of a market economy.

  • SS.7.E.2 Understand the fundamental concepts relevant to the institutions, structure, and functions of a national economy.

    • SS.7.E.2.1 Explain how federal, state, and local taxes support the economy as a function of the United States government.

    • SS.7.E.2.2 Describe the banking system in the United States and its impact on the money supply.

    • SS.7.E.2.3 Identify and describe United States laws and regulations adopted to promote economic competition.

    • SS.7.E.2.4 Identify entrepreneurs from various gender, social, and ethnic backgrounds who started a business seeking to make a profit.

    • SS.7.E.2.5 Explain how economic institutions impact the national economy.

  • SS.7.E.3 Understand the fundamental concepts and interrelationships of the United States economy in the international marketplace.

    • SS.7.E.3.1 Explain how international trade requires a system for exchanging currency between and among nations.

    • SS.7.E.3.2 Assess how the changing value of currency affects trade of goods and services between nations.

    • SS.7.E.3.3 Compare and contrast a single resource economy with a diversified economy.

    • SS.7.E.3.4 Compare and contrast the standard of living in various countries today to that of the United States using gross domestic product (GDP) per capita as an indicator.

SS.7.G Geography