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Skills available for Florida seventh-grade science standards

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SC.7.E Earth and Space Science

SC.7.L Life Science

SC.7.N Nature of Science

  • SC.7.N.1 The Practice of Science

  • SC.7.N.2 The Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge

    • A Scientific knowledge is based on empirical evidence, and is appropriate for understanding the natural world, but it provides only a limited understanding of the supernatural, aesthetic, or other ways of knowing, such as art, philosophy, or religion.

    • B Scientific knowledge is durable and robust, but open to change.

    • C Because science is based on empirical evidence it strives for objectivity, but as it is a human endeavor the processes, methods, and knowledge of science include subjectivity, as well as creativity and discovery.

    • SC.7.N.2.1 Identify an instance from the history of science in which scientific knowledge has changed when new evidence or new interpretations are encountered.

  • SC.7.N.3 The terms that describe examples of scientific knowledge, for example; "theory," "law," "hypothesis," and "model" have very specific meanings and functions within science.

    • SC.7.N.3.1 Recognize and explain the difference between theories and laws and give several examples of scientific theories and the evidence that supports them.

    • SC.7.N.3.2 Identify the benefits and limitations of the use of scientific models.

SC.7.P Physical Science