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Skills available for Georgia high school math standards

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MM Mathematical Modeling

  • PC.MM.1 Apply mathematics to real-life situations; model real-life phenomena using mathematics.

    • PC.MM.1.1 Explain contextual, mathematical problems using a mathematical model.

    • PC.MM.1.2 Create mathematical models to explain phenomena that exist in the natural sciences, social sciences, liberal arts, fine and performing arts, and/or humanities contexts.

    • PC.MM.1.3 Using abstract and quantitative reasoning, make decisions about information and data from a contextual situation.

    • PC.MM.1.4 Use various mathematical representations and structures with this information to represent and solve real-life problems.

FGR Functional & Graphical Reasoning

AGR Algebraic & Geometric Reasoning

GSR Geometric & Spatial Reasoning

AGR Algebraic & Graphical Reasoning

PAR Patterning & Algebraic Reasoning