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Skills available for Idaho fifth-grade social studies standards

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5.SS.1 History

5.SS.2 Geography

5.SS.3 Economics

  • 5.SS.3.1 Explain basic economic concepts.

    • 5.SS.3.1.1 Describe examples of improved transportation and communication networks and how they encourage economic growth.

    • 5.SS.3.1.2 Explain the concepts of tariffs, taxation, and embargo.

    • 5.SS.3.1.3 Describe the basic characteristics of a market.

  • 5.SS.3.2 Identify different influences on economic systems.

  • 5.SS.3.4 Explain the concepts of personal finance.

    • 5.SS.3.4.1 Identify economic incentives and risks of entrepreneurship.

    • 5.SS.3.4.2 Explain the impact of taxation on personal finance.

5.SS.4 Civics and Government

  • 5.SS.4.1 Build an understanding of the foundational principles of the American political system.

  • 5.SS.4.2 Build an understanding of the organization and formation of the American system of government.

  • 5.SS.4.3 Build an understanding that all people in the United States have rights and assume responsibilities.

    • 5.SS.4.3.1 Identify the President and Vice President of the United States and the U.S. Senators and Representatives to Congress from Idaho.

    • 5.SS.4.3.2 Identify some of the personal responsibilities and basic rights of individual freedoms that belong to American citizens.

    • 5.SS.4.3.3 Describe ways in which citizens participate in public life.

  • 5.SS.4.4 Build an understanding of the evolution of democracy.

    • 5.SS.4.4.1 Explain how the United States is a republic.

    • 5.SS.4.4.2 State the difference between direct democracy and the constitutional republic of today's United States.

    • 5.SS.4.4.3 Discuss the concepts of popular sovereignty, majority rule with minority rights, respect for the individual, equality of opportunity, rule of law, and personal liberty.

5.SS.5 Global Perspectives

  • 5.SS.5.1 Build an understanding of multiple perspectives and global interdependence.

    • 5.SS.5.1.1 Explain how the world is divided into many different nations and that each has its own government.

    • 5.SS.5.1.2 Define a nation.

    • 5.SS.5.1.3 Explain how the United States is one nation and how it interacts with other nations in the world.

    • 5.SS.5.1.4 Discuss how nations try to resolve problems.

    • 5.SS.5.1.5 Identify the role of the United States in a global economy.