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Skills available for Idaho fourth-grade social studies standards

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4.SS.1 History

  • 4.SS.1.1 Build an understanding of the cultural and social development of the United States.

  • 4.SS.1.2 Trace the role of migration and immigration of people in the development of the United States.

    • 4.SS.1.2.1 Identify the major groups and significant individuals and their impact on western expansion and the creation of the State of Idaho.

    • 4.SS.1.2.2 Describe the historic role of fur trading and the discovery of gold and silver in Idaho.

    • 4.SS.1.2.3 Analyze and describe the different immigrant experiences across Idaho.

    • 4.SS.1.2.4 Analyze and describe the effects of westward expansion and subsequent federal policies on Idaho's American Indian tribes.

  • 4.SS.1.3 Identify the sovereign status and role of American Indians in the development of the United States.

    • 4.SS.1.3.1 Identify the five federally recognized American Indian tribes in Idaho: Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai, Shoshone-Bannock, Nez Perce, and Shoshone-Paiute Tribes and current reservation lands.

    • 4.SS.1.3.2 Discuss how Idaho's tribes interacted with and impacted existing and newly arriving people.

    • 4.SS.1.3.3 Identify and discuss similar and different key characteristics of American Indian tribes in Idaho.

    • 4.SS.1.3.4 Compare and contrast past and current American Indian life in Idaho.

    • 4.SS.1.3.5 Identify the meaning of tribal sovereignty and its relationship at the local, state, and federal levels of government.

    • 4.SS.1.3.6 Describe the preservation of American Indian resources, including cultural materials, history, language, and culture.

    • 4.SS.1.3.7 Identify and dispel misconceptions about American Indians today.

4.SS.2 Geography

4.SS.3 Economics

4.SS.4 Civics and Government

  • 4.SS.4.1 Build an understanding of the foundational principles of the American political system.

  • 4.SS.4.2 Build an understanding of the organization and formation of the American system of government.

    • 4.SS.4.2.1 Explain the significance of Idaho symbols and the unique tribal seal of each federally recognized tribe in Idaho.

    • 4.SS.4.2.2 Identify and explain the basic functions of state, local, and tribal governments.

    • 4.SS.4.2.3 Describe the governmental relationships between state, local, and tribal governments.

    • 4.SS.4.2.4 Identify the three branches of state government and explain the major responsibilities of each.

    • 4.SS.4.2.5 Discuss the governing structure of American Indian tribes in Idaho.

  • 4.SS.4.3 Build an understanding that all people in the United States have rights and assume responsibilities.

    • 4.SS.4.3.1 Name elected state officials.

    • 4.SS.4.3.2 Explain ways to contact elected state officials.

    • 4.SS.4.3.3 Identify ways people can monitor and influence the decisions and actions of their state and tribal governments.

  • 4.SS.4.4 Build an understanding of the evolution of democracy.

    • 4.SS.4.4.1 Discuss the concepts of citizenship, popular sovereignty, respect for the individual, equality of opportunity, and personal liberty.

4.SS.5 Global Perspectives

  • 4.SS.5.1 Build an understanding of multiple perspectives and global interdependence.

    • 4.SS.5.1.1 Analyze the roles and relationships of diverse groups of people from various parts of the world who have contributed to Idaho's cultural heritage and impacted the state's history.

    • 4.SS.5.1.2 Discuss the challenges experienced by people from various cultural, racial, and religious groups that settled in Idaho from various parts of the world.

    • 4.SS.5.1.3 Identify Idaho's role in the global economy.

    • 4.SS.5.1.4 Identify the diversity within Idaho's American Indian tribes and develop an awareness of the shared experiences of indigenous populations in the world.